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Roy Beckham, MBA

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Allow me to take you on a journey you'll NEVER forget. 

I, Roy Beckham, have an idea I would like to share with the world. An idea that's much more than a dollar and a dream, but vision and drive.

I attended and graduated from public schools, but I was not aware of the value of my education until I enrolled into a four year university. 

I have much respect for public schools. I also realize that it was my responsibility to learn the content of each subject and do my best. However, I also am aware that different things motivated me at different ages as I grew to become a man.

I have learned so much about business and the accounting world we live in before, during and after college. I must admit that college enlightened me. Books that focused on the world's religions, science and biology brought some of my religious teachings full circle. Books focusing on business opened my mind even more to entrepreneurship which in turn led me to accounting. Certain courses helped me understand so much more than I intended to when I thought I had it all figured out. Higher learning helped me understand why things are the way they are in inner city America and possible solutions that can improve our quality of life. 

Accounting for the pluses and minuses of anything provides a clearer look into the causes and effects of a company's financial and operating condition from the top to the bottom line.

Services provided are:

Budgeting & Forecasting


Business writing

Process Improvement


Accounting Services

Data Entry


Company Case Study and Analysis

Time management and efficiency studies

Much of society has been studied so deeply that its hard to believe that most of the challenges we face were not socially engineered or predicted to happen. This includes, birth rates, crime, drug abuse, drop out rates, consumption of natural resources, education attainment, sustainability, violence and the many "projects" that aim to sustain and improve the quality of life. With all of the world's resources, we can predict and influence society. Its a matter of identifying the problem and collaborating to bring a solution. Figure 1 is a cause and effect diagram. This template can be used to simplify identifying the cause(s) of any problem

Figure 1.

Fishbone diagram used to track the root cause of any problem or result.

For instance: Consider the condition of Americans that live in poverty. Consider all of the scenarios one who lives in poverty has to deal with. Consider all of the decisions one has to make while trying to succeed when living in poverty.

I've seen what seems to be the norm from city to city in the U.S. I've seen culture wars that have entangled many men and women. Many internal and external conflicts have distracted them from knowing and reaching their full potential.

How can this problem be resolved?

Roy Beckham MBA

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